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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do I have to store my stuff for, is there a minimum?
The minimum we will rent is two month but the length of stay is up to you. We offer an open ended contract for any amount of time. What this means is that the unit is yours until you are through with it.

Are my belongings exposed to the elements?
All of our units are accessed through a common hallway; there are no outside roll-up doors. Your goods are protected from the weather as well as there being no chance anyone can drive up to your door without you there.

Reasons to store:

Some of the most common reasons for the need of a storage unit include;

Selling your house?
Make every room more spacious by safely storing the excess.

In transition?

House not ready on time? If you need somewhere to store your goods in between moves, we offer short and long term rental agreements.


Make it easy on yourself, and avoid working overtop of your covered furniture, get it out of the way and into safe storage.

Live in a condo?
Beautiful view but no storage space? Our units could be your secure space just steps away from home.

Need a place for rarely used goods or out of season items?

This is a perfect place to safeguard your items such as bikes in the winter, winter tires in the summer.

Run a business?
Keep your overstock in a safe environment.

Lots of documents?
Out of the way with peace of mind.

Posted overseas? Traveling?
Why pay a landlord rent if you don’t have to.

Student? Going home for the summer?

You don’t need to bring all of your goods back and forth, put it in storage and retrieve it when you need it.

Parents in a convalescing home?
Perfect place to keep their items safely stowed away.

We Sell Quality Boxes at an Exceptional Rate!

Moving and Storage Supplies

  • Various Sized Cardboard Boxes
  • Packing Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper
  • Moving Accessories

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